A Teen Mentoring Program Created & Driven by Teenagers

#HuntersWorld gives teenagers a safe place free of judgement to talk about their emotions with the support of their peers. Here they learn to share with their mentors, which helps them build a strong foundation of self-worth that they will continue to foster throughout high school, college and adulthood. We currently host weekly meetings to high school students throughout Jersey City and the surrounding areas.


HunterFest 2021

HunterFest Virtual 5K


We have all heard how important exercise and getting outdoors is to mental health.

And since addressing teen mental health is the core mission of HuntersWorld,

what better way to celebrate the end of winter than with a 5K?


So get outside this spring and take a deep breath of fresh air.

Then run, walk, bike, skateboard, roller blade, or dance

in remembrance of Hunter and to bring awareness to teen mental health.


We are asking all participants to document their virtual "5K" with a photo or video

and either post to social media #HunterFest2021 or email info@huntersworld.org.


Ongoing through April 21, 2021




April 17, 2021

2:00 - 6:00 PM

Please join us in remembering Hunter

and celebrating the success of the second year of HuntersWorld in his honor.


There will be tournaments of skill: Volleyball, Chess, Corn Hole.

There will be carnival-style games and prizes for all ages.

There will be food and beverages.


But most importantly, there will be friends.


Suggested donation for entrance fee: $10

Food/beverage tickets available at the event: $5 


Event will take place outdoors.

Masks will be required, and participants are asked to observe social distancing.

In an effort to maintain CDC guidelines, advance registration is encouraged


Who We Are

Hunter was fearless and outgoing and had an unforgettable sense of humor.  More than that, he was a staunchly loyal friend with a gift for making those around him feel safe, heard and accepted. His friends and family missed this so much, they came together and created #HuntersWorld. 

At its core, #HuntersWorld is a teen peer mentoring program – created and driven by teenagers.  In today’s environment, teenagers face an unprecedented amount of pressure and stress.  Approximately 1 in 5 teenagers suffer from a mental health disorder, most commonly depression and anxiety.  Left unchecked, these mental health issues can lead teens down the road to making dangerous choices such as violence, substance abuse and even suicide.  #HuntersWorld aims to fight this crisis among our teens by destigmatizing these mental health issues and teaching them to talk about their challenges.  Recent studies show peer mentoring has a measurable positive impact on self-esteem, building relationships with adults, and teen’s attitudes towards school.  

Working closely with our staff social worker, we have created a mentor training and certification program.  Our mentors go through an 8 week intensive program that covers such topics as: feelings, trust, peer pressure, coping mechanisms, counselling techniques, suicide prevention, substance abuse, LGBTQ issues, racism, violence, consent and more.  This training is ongoing throughout the school year as they work weekly with our social worker while also meeting weekly with our program participants.

Hunter’s heart was incredibly open and filled with empathy.  He was once asked who his “people” were, and he replied by saying “people who talk to me are my people.”  It’s with this kind and sincere approach that we strive to create something that exemplifies how Hunter lived - and what we all miss most about him.


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This is Our Second Year 
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Fundraising, Mentor Training, Homeless

Outreach Events—There Are Lots of Ways

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