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#HuntersWorld gives teenagers a safe place free of judgement to talk about their emotions with the support of their peers. Here they learn to share with their mentors, which helps them build a strong foundation of self-worth that they will continue to foster throughout high school, college and adulthood. We currently host weekly meetings to high school students throughout Jersey City and the surrounding areas.

A Teen Mentoring Program Created & Driven by Teenagers

HuntersWorld has had a profound impact on my life. It’s shown me skills that are quintessential in maintaining friendships, relationships, a healthy lifestyle. These skills have also helped me improve my mental strength. Furthermore, I have learned how to efficiently communicate with others. I am so happy with my decision on joining this group!"  ~ Joaquin, 19 

“The death of my best friend Hunter was tough for me… He was always a kind, energetic, and loving soul, healing even… When I heard about #HuntersWorld I knew that I could take this as an opportunity to both give back to him and become THAT person that Hunter was, the person anyone can come to, to talk about anything and just be there for whoever needs it. #HuntersWorld means everything to me. It's Hunter’s way of still being there for ANYONE.” ~ Kenny, 18

We are building a safe and comfortable space where teens can bond over food while expressing any struggles or hardships without judgement, a safe community for anyone to join.  I have committed to going to meetings no matter my circumstances because this place has become a second family to me.  A family of like minded people who have come together to support one another.  There is no other place like HuntersWorld and I'm forever grateful that Miss Tracy created this program. - Habeeb, 18

HuntersWorld came to me when I was at my lowest and even as a teenager the world can be very dark.  HuntersWorld helped me see the bright side of things and opened up a new path to start fresh and be happy. - Westley, 17 

Prior to joining HuntersWorld, I was going through one of the worst times of my life.  HuntersWorld has since helped me to develop and grow, in numerous ways, especially learning to face my feelings.  I've met a new side of me, a refined and bettered version.  It was a really difficult time, but HuntersWorld made it not so difficult.  I'm lucky enough to be a teenager with this community of wonderful people and an emotional outlet.  Hunter would have loved this. - Gabby, 

"It's the first place I've been where I feel comfortable with being myself and sharing my ideas."  - Zavier, 17


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